Traditional consulting and coaching of nonprofit leaders miss the critical intersection between building confidence, developing innovative strategies, and implementing change. 


We will work together to identify your target goals, create a plan, and execute it.  Instead of going through an exhausting theoretical process that will produce outcomes that are no longer relevant, Julie will work with you to transcend the daily obstacles and overcome the barriers between you and your vision through a combination of masterful facilitation, coaching the leadership, consulting and making connections that transform your organization.

  • Get a plan and a partner to help you implement it

  • Build your capacity and that of your team

  • Get to the results that last

  • It’s not just theory. We have actually done it!

An experienced CEO, Julie brings the perspective and tools that are proven to help you meet your goals: board development, scaling, visioning, brand building, theory of change, evaluation, fundraising, building and driving your team to accountability and efficiency. ​


​Plans come in all shapes and sizes. The best ones prioritize purposefully to engage and align stakeholders, resulting in all understanding their priorities and targets. The team offers Program, Financial, Fundraising and Strategic Planning guidance.​



Every leader needs a sounding board, someone to help them hear their inner voice more clearly, to define where they want to go and to challenge them to be their best. Having an experienced non-profit CEO helping you make sense of everything coming at you propels your entire mission forward. Investing in your own development is the greatest leverage for your organization.


Your time is precious and you need to make sure that everyone comes out of every board retreat or staff meeting feeling like their time was well spent learning, engaging, aligning with the organization, and preparing to take action. Using multi-modality facilitation and a disciplined approach to planning, Julie makes sure the investment of time results in great outcomes.





Julie has a confidence and presence that lifts up everyone around her, and your vision and influence are at the apex of everything she cares about. When you find someone who has actually done it; who scaled an organization across the nation, who built boards and events and evaluation systems from scratch, you know you are benefiting from her bumps and bruises. Combine her experience with her constant learning and inquiry and then add on her compassion for you and you feel elevated and like anything is possible. Your board and staff will respect her and most importantly you will be lifted up. And Julie just seems to know everyone and she opens her rolodex of support as a gift that is the proverbial icing on the cake.



Julie finds inspiring leaders and props them up with support and tools so that they can dramatically expand the fulfillment of their vision. She believes that we have amazing non-profits who have found transformational innovations to critical problems and they deserve support. Julie knows that a small infusion of support can greatly expand their capacity and therefore the growth trajectory of the organization. We are losing leaders to burn out and frustration and as a result their courage, fortitude and skills. This brain drain is resulting in the loss of hope and opportunity for our community who so desperately needs them.



Julie has a disciplined, results oriented approach to everything she does. She is deeply committed to the success of the organizational leader personally so that she has renewed strength and confidence and the tools to go with it.



We are in this work to make a difference, to see measurable change that impacts the world and the things we care about. We have no time to waste and resources are scarce. Julie and her team of experts are the results oriented, efficient partners you need. Julie's commitment to achieving high impact results, financial, programmatic and project completion set her apart from other consultants. Julie is very skilled at helping you hone in on proving and producing results. She is a masterful program designer who connects program results to evaluation that inspires investment. You will raise more money, increase your brand and produce more world changing results with Julie as a partner.