changE the world



Building a strong organization that produces results, solves social problems with stickiness and inspires investment - this is the balancing act that we walk as leaders.


How do you prioritize what to tackle first? How do you move forward with confidence when it is new territory? What systems inspire staff accountability and performance? How do you build a strong culture that sustains? And how do you build a board that is a strategic advantage? 

Julie brings proven organizational tools that build efficiency and performance, inspiring vision that aligns stakeholders; a marketing and branding platform that distinguishes you in the marketplace, world class research and evaluation; volunteerism programs that connect organizations to the community and builds capacity; and tools, training and support to increase staff and board performance.


Working with Julie saves you and your donors precious resources so you can focus on building or strengthening your impact and mission.


We come to this work to change the world, but between juggling the multitude of stakeholders and raising funds, we often feel that breaking through to a new level of performance requires a climb up the slippery slope of a mountain with no rope to catch us when we fall. 


What does it take to truly break through to that new level of performance and growth? 

Other consultants may know a piece of the pie, but Julie has mastered all of the components that make for a robust organization.


Theory paired with the experience of real-life application results in an efficient process that supports scaling from where you stand today to the mountain's summit. This is more than a plan; it is a partnership.



San Francisco, CA

Tel: 415-302-4740

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